Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about stair lifts, along with short answers.

Q: What is a stair lift?

A: A stair lift is basically a motorized chair that lifts a person to the top of the stairs or down to the bottom of the stairs. The motorized chair moves up and down along a track attached along the stair case.

Q: How do I tell all these stair lifts apart?

A: Don’t fret, there are just a few key differences between most stair lifts on the entire market, not just the ones we discuss here! Start by looking at three things to narrow down your choice: weight capacity, AC or DC operation, and length of warranty. Beyond this your choice may just come down to “Do I like the look of it?” unless you have need of a very specific option like a locking base unit.

Q: I see the same of stair lift over at Website X, why should I order from you?

A: You should always order from the company you feel the most comfortable with, but we hope you will give us a call and let us quote you our best price (some manufacturers limit what price we can advertise) and give you our recommendation. That’s what has led to our success so far and is something that we aren’t going to change.

Q: How do I order my lift?

A: Ordering a stair lift can be done online if you have ordered one before or generally feel quite comfortable on the Internet. However, a majority of our customers do give us a phone call. Our staff has years of experience selling stair lifts and it only takes them a few minutes to understand your requirements and what would be the best model for you.

Q: I use a wheelchair, will a stair lift work for me?

A: It might work. Ideally, you would need to have another wheelchair at top of your stairs. You would transfer from the wheelchair to the stair lift and move up. At the top, you would then transfer from the lift to your other wheelchair. If you need to move your wheelchair with you, we normally would recommend a vertical lift.

Interested in a Free, No Obligation Price Quotation?

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Q: What is a vertical lift?

A: A vertical lift is most easily compared to an elevator. They are often used outside of buildings instead of ramps to move people using wheelchairs or scooters from the ground level to the 1st floor. Basically you get onto the lift, the platform of the lift moves you up to the next level, and then you exit the lift. Vertical lifts come with a wide range of safety and convenience options that can be added to make them code compliant. They can also be installed indoors and in enclosed shafts.

Q: I’m looking for Brand X. Why don’t you carry them?

A: We carry only brands that meet our standards for safety, ease of installation, and cost. Other brands are out there but some require professional installation, while others would simply not be a good value for our customers. We continue to evaluate other brands, and we will add them if they meet our standards. If you have a brand in mind, please let us know.